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19th April 2000
Hi all,

My name is Jeremy Tucker, I worked in Obuasi for nearly four years, Initially I worked for myself, then I joined a local company in Obuasi called Balfos as their sales manager, I have since left Obuasi and now I run my own company in the U.K.

I have decided to set this site up so people who have worked in Obuasi and have since left can keep in touch with old friends. Currently I am looking for anything to do with Obuasi, especially photographs! Kindly e-mail them to me.

I have also set up a message board, so you can start getting in touch with each other.

I hope to make this site as informative as possible so let me know when u lived in Obuasi, who you worked for, how long your were there and a list of people you would like to get in touch with, have a look on the e-mail directory for current list

Many thanks,


P.S. I would appreciate feedback and comments about the site.


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More to come.


If you have any news or if you would like me to post your details on the directory please send me an e-mail.

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